Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Small Project for a Friend

Photography and Art Direction : Jelena Toh 
Venue : Melaka, Malaysia

Its been so long ever since I take up my camera again doing photo shoot for people. And things happened this way when I came to know that my friend ( the lady inside those photos ) will soon have her new car, Volkswagen Beetle and the both of us always wanted so much a photo shoot together. Together means I'm the photographer incharge of taking a series of self portraits for her. So this is how we make things happen , just this way, a talk over a cup of coffee. :) 

Life is never easy. Always. Happy or sadden, laughter or tears, somehow depends on how we live life. How we perceive happiness to be and the meaning of being born to stay in this universe. Wake and smile to the mirror, smile to yourself, somehow this works to kick start a wonderful day. Adopt a cheap smile, simply means hanging a smile on your face everyday and everywhere, who knows you might brighten someone's day ? Being happy is never hard or complicated, neither do spreading the positive atmosphere around. Just smile, the keyword  SMILE. 

Introducing a lady named : Cynthia Khoo 
Ain't she is beautiful? With a smile, to change the world around you. Indeed, staring at the photo above and I'll start to reminisce time. The moment, how cheering was that moment back then when I framed this down and click on the shutter. I felt relieved suddenly, so sudden, a smile appears on my face and sweetness surface. *as if like dopamine taking effects*

Below is a series of achievement I personally felt satisfied with the outcome after so long of 'resting' my camera. Somewhat called ' rotten skills '.  

Favorite Highlights

Favorite Highlights

Favorite Highlights

Favorite Highlights

Hope by reading my blogs and looking at this series of photos will bring a smile on your face, a simple one is enough. :)

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